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  • Anti-Right to Work Campaigns information
    Posted On: Jan 28, 2011


    My Friends,
    This email is for my friends outside of Indiana who are also faced with a potential RTW law in your state.  By now, I'm sure you've seen the 6 new anti-RTW web sites we have launched.  I wanted to pass along the reasoning for doing so and the contact information for the good union company that performed the work.
    For FAR too many years the National Right to Work Committee has dominated this issue.  They have dominated it in every possible way - direct snail mail communications, electronic media (and now social media), "research" reports, lobbying, direct campaign contributions, etc.  They even provide free legal assistance to "beck" objectors in non-RTW states.  I experienced their "free" legal assistance repeatedly during my time working at the NLRB.
    In short, the NRTWC has dominated the public education around this issue for decades and they have done so basically unchallenged with few exceptions.  Unfortunately, there simply has not been a sustained public education campaign at the national level on this issue.
    There is not a void on this issue.  If we do not engage in public education, the other side will (and has).  We would like to create a national network of web sites, videos, etc around this issue.  Let me rephrase that - we MUST create something to compete with the NRTWC on this issue.  Through electronic and social media we can dominate this issue.  It is possible.  The 6 web sites that we now have up cost less than $10,000 and took less than 2 weeks to complete.  This included the Legislative Action Center piece as well.
    If you are interested in doing this in your state, I urge you to contact John Shane at Web Connectivity (this is a union company).  I have no financial stake in this company nor do I receive any form of compensation from them.  This is simply about creating a national/regional network to fight RTW.  If we do not, I fear that additional RTW states will be a devastation from which we may not recover.
    John Shane
    Web Connectivity
    Cell: 317-426-1226
    I have also copied John on this email so you have his email address as well.
    Or, if you do not have access to funds for this type of campaign, contact me and I will assist with whatever you need.
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    David Williams
    Anti-RTW Web Site Links:

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